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Lazy Moose has been focusing on a new rock formation called Blindberry Ghost. The guys are the same but music and name are new. Don't worry - Lazy Moose is still there but the guys have just been focusing on the new band. So go follow Blindberry Ghost on Facebook & Instagram and stay up-to-date on what this trio is kicking!


31.03.2017 - Marks Rock Club, Joensuu

01.04.2017 - Kaavi Blues at Kaavinlinna, Kaavi


16.01.2016 - Virgin Oil, Helsinki - Finnish Blues Awards 2016

20.02.2016 - Hard Rock House, Helsinki (with Petri Matero Group)

09.04.2016 - Bar 54 - Rock's Cafe, Forssa

13.05.2016 - Toukoajot, Ruovesi

04.06.2016 - Mendocino, Helsinki

29.06.2016 - Blackpool, Järvenpää with Ina Forsman

06.08.2016 - F-Rockers Maisemaruise, Jokioinen

01.09.2016 - Molly Malone's, Vantaa

03.09.2016 - Deep Blue Cotton City, Forssa

24.09.2016 - TUG Klubi, Työväentalo, Forssa

14.10.2016 - Cafe Zoceria Club, Espoo

25.11.2016 - Golden Classics Cafe & Bar, Helsinki (with PMG)


09.01.2015 - Rock's Cafe, Forssa

10.01.2015 - Pikkupässi, Karkkila

20.02.2015 - Piazza Blues, Lahden Seurahuone, Lahti

23.05.2015 - Forssa Unplugged, Forssa

23.05.2015 - Rock's Cafe, Forssa

27.05.2015 - Old Station, Berlin, Germany

05.06.2015 - Molly Malone's, Vantaa

25.06.2015 - Blackpool, Järvenpää (EBC2016 competition)

26.06.2015 - Uuno Baari, Puistoblues Weekend, Järvenpää

04.07.2015 - Savonsolmu Beach & Blues Party 2015, Pieksämäki

08.08.2015 - Letkurock, Tammela

24.10.2015 - Vorssan Tulirotko, Forssa



18.1.2014 - Mendocino, Helsinki

23.1.2014 - Club Liberte, Helsinki

14.2.2014 - Blue Pool, Forssa

15.2.2014 - Pikkupässi, Karkkila

22.2.2014 - Bar Blings 7, Helsinki

29.3.2014 - Blue Pool, Forssa

26.4.2014 - Future Cup Rallisprint, Karkkila (alkuilta)

26.4.2014 - Roots-A-Vaganza 2014, Bar Mendocino, Helsinki


Stepchild Of The Blues - Tour with Howard Glazer (USA)

4.6.2014 - Bar 7 Blings, Helsinki with Howard Glazer (USA)

5.6.2014 - Blue Pool, Forssa with Howard Glazer (USA)

6.6.2014 - Pub Pikkupässi, Karkkila with Howard Glazer (USA)

7.6.2014 - Blues PicNic, Leppävirta with Howard Glazer (USA)

7.6.2014 - Kaavi Blues 2014, Kaavi with Howard Glazer (USA)


22.8.2014 - Blue Pool, Forssa
23.8.2014 - Club Helmi, Paimio
29.8.2014 - Olarin Kamelit, Espoo
30.8.2014 - Roots Espa, Helsinki (Espan lava, päivä)
30.8.2014 - Storyville, Helsinki (ilta)

19.9.2014 - Molly Malone's, Vantaa

20.9.2014 - Pikkupässi, Karkkila

25.10.2014 - Ou'Blues, Radisson Blu, Oulu

12.12.2014 - Molly Malone's, Vantaa

13.12.2014 - Blue Pool, Forssa



8.6.2013 - Kaavi Blues, Kaavi

14.6.2013 - Blue Pool, Forssa

2.10.2013 - Teerenpeli, Helsinki

3.10.2013 - Teerenpeli, Lappeenranta

4.10.2013 - Teerenpeli, Lahti

5.10.2013 - Teerenpeli, Turku

11.10.2013 - Gringos Locos, Helsinki

12.10.2013 - Gasthaus Wäinölä, Sälinkää

8.11.2013 - Gringos Locos, Helsinki

15.11.2013 - Blue Pool, Forssa



Lazy Moose News

Lazy Moose starting the year 2016 strong!


Happy New year folks and big thanks for the year 2015 to the people coming to our gigs and especially purchasing our CDs! The year was awesome, thanks to you all.


By the end of the year we managed to write a lot of new stuff which is currently in the recording process. Still going to take a while before publishing though... Pretty darn excited about the new stuff, stay tuned! There's a lot happening on our Facebook page which is a great way to hear our latest news and thoughts! Moo!


The year 2016 starts with having a great chance to play with some of the greatest blues artist from Finland. First show on 16.1.2016 in Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki in the Finnish Blues Awards 2016! See you there.


Lazy Moose competing in the Finnish finals for the European Blues Challenge 2016!


Lazy Moose made it to the Finland's finals in the European Blues Challenge 2016 competition. Awesome! We're feeling honored since the level of the competition has traditionally been top notch. This year is not an exception and we are excited to get on the same stage with the experienced four other participants! More info here! 


Lazy Moose hit the studio again!


It's no longer a secret that Lazy Moose has started to write new stuff and first sessions were held in the Rescue Room Studio, Helsinki couple of weeks ago. It's still a long run until anything will be published but we are VERY excited about the new tracks. Stay tuned and while waiting come and meet us on our upcoming gigs!


We are also happy to announce that our first set of the CDs were sold out (a BIG thanks to all of you!) BUT no worries, we just recently received a new order. So, in case you've missed a chance to buy one - do it now! Levykauppa X and Fennica Records will get them soon too.


Our first release "When Trouble Was Born" is now also available online on Spotify and iTunes. Furthermore now you can (must) start following us on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify too! Cheers!

"When Trouble Was Born" the critics choise for the best Finnish release in 2014!

Holy moose! The critics of the Finnish blues magazine Blues News voted Lazy Moose's release When Trouble Was Born as the best Finnish release on 2014! What an honour, Thank You so much!

Lazy Moose visited Chicago, Detroit, Route 66, St. Louis and Memphis!

Due to the nomination in the IBC 2015 we decided to make a trip to USA to get new connections and shoot some promo material. Even though this time we had no trophies to bring home from Memphis the trip was a huge success! We had for instance a great chance to meet Buddy Guy himself in Chicago and our friend Howard Glazer in Detroit. We would like to thank the Finnish Blues Society for the nomination and the IBC for a great event with stunning performances... and of course all the great people we met in the cities and among the Route 66! One thing is for certain, we are coming back! Keep an eye here for upcoming promo materials...

"WHen Trouble Was Born" to compete in the International Blues Challence 2015 in the category of Best Self-produced CD 2014!

The Finnish Blues Society nominated our first release "When Trouble Was Born" to compete in Memphis, USA on January 2015. We are totally overwhelmed, delighted and struggling to find the right words to thank the Finnish Blues Society for giving us this sort of attention! The IBC is organized by The Blues Foundation. Need more info? Just have a look here. Thank you all and see you in the gigs!

"WHen Trouble Was Born" available now from two music stores

Our first release is now available from two music stores in Finland. First one is Fennica Records (Fredrikinkatu 38) in Helsinki and second one Levykauppa Äx ( who also sells it in their webshop. Thanks to both for taking the CD in their shelves. Now go get yours!

First release "When Trouble Was Born" published on June 2014

With a slight delay we are happy to announce that our first record "When Trouble Was Born" is finally available! To get your own copy don't hesitate to contact us here on our contact page or simply drop us a line in anytime.

The recording was a success thanks to Davide Floreno and his experience and ideas. "Otappa tuosta" as we say here!

Tour with Howard Glazer (USA) confirmed


Lazy Moose has finally confirmed the tour dates with the "Stepchild Of The Blues", Howard Glazer straigth from Detroit. The minitour with five gigs in total will take place between 4th and 7th of June, ending in the Kaavi Blues Festival which will be celebrating 10th anniversary this year. This summer will be great - just saying...


Lazy Moose first release recorded


Lazy Moose has finally spent some quality time in a studio and recorded a set of songs for their first release. The songs are currently being mixed so we still have to keep you waiting for a short while. Anyways, keep an eye here for updates and for the official release! Cheers!


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